PrideSpins and PrideBet Entertainment Ghana Limited is committed to Responsible Gambling as well as promoting awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention, and treatment.

PrideSpins and PrideBet Entertainment Ghana Limited want you as our customer to enjoy your gaming experience on our site while remaining fully aware of the potential social and financial harms associated with problem gambling.

Self-Exclusion Option

The PrideSpins Self-Exclusion feature lets you temporarily close your account for a specific period. During this period, you will not be able to reopen your account or open new accounts.

To request self-exclusion, please write to us at [email protected] or our live chat with the duration you prefer for the account closure.

The process of closing the account involves checking for any account balances or pending bets, deactivating the account, and setting alerts for any related account or profile activity on PrideSpins platforms. It takes a reasonable working period to implement. We will confirm the start of the self-exclusion period after the process is complete.

What happens to the balance in your PrideSpins account after the temporary closure?

What happens to bets that have not yet concluded?

If you can still access your PrideSpins account after the start of the Self-Exclusion period, kindly notify us immediately by writing to [email protected]

You can also undertake the following self-assessment to ascertain if you may have a gambling problem.


Undertake the following self-assessment to ascertain if you may have a gambling problem.

People with a compulsive gambling problem are likely to answer YES to some of these questions. Many organisations can provide you with support and assistance if you develop a problem with gambling, and we recommend that players contact a self-help organization for additional help. The following websites offer advice and guidance:

Do you have any question or need help? Contact our friendly customer support and you will be connected as soon as possible with one of our experienced staff members to answer your questions and to assist you.


Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to use the service of the Company. PrideSpins and PrideBet Entertainment Ghana Limited reserve the right to ask players for their age verification information and to suspend the player's account until he/she provides information that verifies the appropriate age.

To protect minors from accessing the site, we recommend that responsible players install Internet filtering software on their computers. This provides the ability to control content displayed, block websites and set up passwords to prevent the presence of underage players. There is several Internet filtering software choices available. The following are links to recognized solution providers as recommended by Internet Filter Review:

The accounts of anyone under 18 found to be gambling with PrideSpins will be closed and any winnings will be forfeited.